Pituitary Gland Damage Symptoms & Causes

By Adam Urra

brain and pituitary

Perhaps you’ve recently been diagnosed with a brain injury. Whether you have sustained a concussion in a car accident, a blow to the head, or some other type of traumatic injury, you have found yourself getting treatment. Yet, despite the care your doctors have offered, you find you’re losing focus at work, suffering from a lack of energy, and exhausted … Read More

Doctors Confirming A Pituitary Gland Injury

By Scott Blair

A pituitary gland injury sustained from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause serious repercussions for the victim of a brain injury. However, identifying whether or not damage to the pituitary has been sustained due to a brain injury is not a simple task. To determine whether or not someone has sustained a pituitary injury, one of several different tests … Read More