Which Sport Has The Most Injuries?

By Brain Injury Law of Seattle

  Sports allow us to compete with friends and rivals. Playing sports also improves our heart health, reduces stress, and helps us maintain healthy body weight, making them incredibly beneficial. However, injuries are very prevalent in sports, with around three million players experiencing an injury that causes emergency room visits each year. Although many Seattle residents understand that injuries are … Read More

Sports Injury Treatment – Diagnosis and Prevention

By Brain Injury Law of Seattle

sports injury treatment

  Many active people experience sports injuries. Whether you’re a student-athlete or professional, it’s vital that when these injuries occur, you receive professional sports injury rehabilitation because sports injury treatment is complex. If you were injured during a sporting event due to negligence, diagnosing and preventing further injury is the first step before pursuing legal options with a professional sports … Read More

What Are The Most Common Sports Injuries

By Brain Injury Law of Seattle

what sport has the most injuries

Millions suffer from the most common sports injuries annually, but not all sports injuries are sports-related. While some occur with recreational activities like bicycling, running, and hiking, others originate from daily chores like painting and gardening. Injuries also occur within the musculoskeletal system’s tissues, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Below, our experienced Brain Injury Law of Seattle team explains sports-related injuries … Read More