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If you need a premise liability lawyer in Seattle because you sustained an injury while on someone else's property, call Brain Injury Law of Seattle at (425) 406-4872 to see if you have grounds for financial compensation.

When you visit a property belonging to a person, business, or government, you have the right to expect a reasonably safe environment. If you or a loved one suffers an injury or has passed away due to dangers on someone else's property, a premises liability attorney in Seattle can help you file a compensation claim. So long as you have the legal right to visit the property, a property owner must ensure their visitors' safety and well-being.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Premises liability law firms in Seattle often tend to slip and fall accident cases. Regardless of your age, an unexpected fall due to slippery or littered ground or floor can cause brain damage, broken bones, and other serious injuries. These injuries may require an emergency room visit, hospital stay, rehabilitation services, and other medical procedures.

Falling accidents may occur due to the following:

  •   Wet floors
  •   Icy grass or asphalt
  •   Spilled substances
  •   Littered floors
  •   Soiled carpet

Brain Injury Law of Seattle can help you determine if you have a case for compensation if you trip, slip, or fall on someone else's property. Contact your premise liability lawyer in Seattle to build your case as soon as possible.


Visitors or patrons of local gathering spots or entertainment venues may be subject to an assault while on the property. Premises liability lawyers in Seattle also see clients who have lost loved ones to failed crowd control or the actions of other violent patrons.

Examples of venues where assaults happen more regularly include:

  •   Nightclubs
  •   Sports arenas
  •   Concert halls
  •   Amusement parks
  •   Hotels, motels, or resorts
  •   Golf courses

Whether due to poor security practices, over-serving, or a failure to intervene, commercial property owners must bear the weight of ineffective security measures. If you or a loved one suffered an assault due to failed protective measures while on a commercial property, a premises liability attorney can guide you in filing for compensation.

Defective Conditions

If you live, work, or visit a property without the foreknowledge of dangerous conditions, you may suffer an injury due to defective conditions. Premises liability law firms in Seattle help you recognize if your situation hints at poor building or area conditions, laying the base for your compensation claim.

Defective conditions may include:

  •   Uneven walkways or floors
  •   Obstacles left in dark hallways or rooms
  •   Falling items
  •   Failing roof or floor construction

Many clients don't realize how defective conditions affect their case, so if you suffer any injury on someone else's property, contact Brain Injury Law of Seattle. Our professional legal team can pinpoint defective conditions and work towards a settlement on your behalf.

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    How Can I Prove That a Property Owner Is At-fault?

    Brain Injury Law of Seattle will help you gather all required documentation and proof that you deserve compensation for an injury or death occurring on someone else's property. Our legal team follows these steps to ensure you have a legal claim:

    1. The property's owner bears responsibility for providing a safe environment.
    2. Their failure to provide a safe environment.
    3. The property owner's safety failure caused your injuries or your loved one's death.

    Successful premise liability lawyers in Seattle build your case and represent you to gain compensation in court. Failing to file within three years may nullify your claim, and Washington's only exception to a premises liability case prevents you from recovering punitive damages.

    You may receive compensation to reimburse your medical bills, coverage of the wages you lose by missing time at work, and other financial problems arising from your injury.

      Common Injuries Seen in Premises Liability Cases

      The many injuries you may sustain on someone else's property give ample room for premises liability lawyers in Seattle to help you gain compensation. Some of the most common injuries involved in premises liability cases include:

      • Traumatic brain injuries
      • Burns ranging from mild to severe
      • Crushed or amputated limbs
      • Broken bones
      • Damaged nerves or muscles

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      The worst premises liability cases may involve permanent bodily damage, life-changing health conditions, or death. If you or a family member sustain an injury and want to file for financial compensation, a premises liability attorney in Seattle will guide you along the way. Call (425) 406-4872 to speak with the professionals at Brain Injury Law of Seattle.

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