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Commercial trucks are vital to the American economy, but this force for good can quickly turn deadly if you encounter one in a collision. Due to their immense size and weight (up to 20 times heavier than a passenger car) commercial trucks are almost certain to injure all parties involved in an accident — both inside and outside the truck.

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Here at Brain Injury Law of Seattle, our team of experienced commercial truck accident lawyers are ready to stand between you and the trucking industry. If you’ve been involved in a trucking collision, don’t allow yourself to be talked into accepting less than you deserve by aggressive attorneys and insurance adjusters. Secure the best possible outcome for your case by working with a skilled Bellingham personal injury attorney.

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What Does A Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

Semi truck accident lawyers are experts on identifying the at-fault party in semi collisions and have the legal experience needed to successfully defend your innocence in court. Beyond defense, a quality commercial truck accident attorney will fight for your right to compensation and will ensure that your financial losses and needs are met.

Here at Brain Injury Law of Seattle, our team of commercial truck accident attorneys have a strong track record of successful litigation. We have served Bellingham and the neighboring areas for over 25 years and have the experience and persistence needed to secure the best possible outcome for your case.


Causes of Trucking Accidents In Bellingham

Commercial truck accidents occur in the Bellingham area for a number of reasons, but most accidents can be traced to one of three causes:

Driver Error

Commercial truck drivers are under immense pressure to get cargo delivered on time. This can cause some to continue driving when sleepy, or to even take drugs or drink to stay awake. These lead to reckless driving, which frequently results in a collision.

However, studies show that truckers are only responsible for 22% of accidents. When it comes to accidents caused by driver error, the greater culprit is passenger drivers — accounting for 81% of collisions. This is because many passenger drivers don’t know how to drive around semis and so don’t give commercial trucks the space they need to maneuver.

Equipment Failure / Lack Of Maintenance

In order to keep costs down, some trucking companies may cut corners when it comes to replacing equipment and truck maintenance. This can lead to equipment failure and a traffic accident.

Another cause of equipment failure is when manufacturers allow faulty designs or products to enter the market. If one of these pieces of bad equipment results in a wreck, the manufacturer should be held liable.

Inclement Weather

Bad weather can lead to an accident if a commercial truck driver doesn’t have the training necessary to operate a truck in those conditions. This would split liability between the driver and the truck company for hiring someone without the proper credentials.

How Dangerous Are Commercial Trucking Accidents?

Across America, commercial trucks make up only 3% of vehicles on the road, and yet are involved in 12% of traffic fatalities. When compared to accidents between passenger vehicles, collisions involving a semi double the chance of a death occurring.

Bringing the statistics back home, here are some crash facts lifted from a report by the Washington Department Of Transportation (WSDOT):

  • Accidents involving a semi came in second place for the most common kind of collision.
  • In 2015 there were 6,091 collisions involving commercial trucks.
  • 38 of these collisions resulted in fatalities.
  • 85 resulted in serious injuries.
  • 1,352 resulted in minor injuries.

If you have been involved in a wreck as a commercial truck driver, it’s easy for others to use you as a scapegoat for the collision — afterall, you were driving the bigger and more dangerous vehicle. Don’t let this happen to you.

Never take responsibility for a collision that you didn’t cause. Instead, get in touch with a commercial truck accident attorney in Bellingham who can defend you against false accusations.

Don’t Gamble With Your Future

If you have been involved in a semi truck collision in Bellingham, don’t gamble with your future by believing that the court will clear your name on their own. It’s vital that you seek out an expert commercial trucking accident lawyer if you want to be compensated for your loss of time, injuries, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Our experienced team of attorneys will fight for you. At Brain Injury Law Of Seattle, it’s our mission to hold liable the party responsible for your injuries. As your commercial truck accident attorneys, we will aggressively fight to secure your future, both physically and financially.


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