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The wrongful death of a loved one is a profoundly traumatic experience. Many victims do not know where to seek restitution and compensation.

If you need capable representation in a wrongful death suit, turn to Brain Injury Law of Seattle. We have experienced Seattle wrongful death attorneys ready to help.

Reliable Seattle Wrongful Death Lawyer

Dealing with a wrongful death suit is a difficult experience for many reasons. Besides the emotional pain, you may feel overwhelmed when seeking justice for your loved one. Here at Brain Injury Law of Seattle, we have a strong legal team who can walk you through this often-complex process.

Our attorneys have years of experience handling wrongful death cases. We are deeply familiar with the Washington legal system. We help our clients navigate the complex litigation arising from these cases.

Common Situations Leading to Wrongful Death

Many factors can contribute to situations leading to wrongful death. The wrongful death may occur from negligence, intoxication, or emotional distress. Whatever the situation, we assist our clients in understanding their legal standing.

Here are some causes of wrongful death cases we have handled in the past:

  • Reckless driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Construction accident deaths
  • Bicycle or pedestrian accident deaths
  • Use of defective products resulting in death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Grievous work-related injuries resulting in death
  • Death from pharmaceutical use due to mislabelled dosage
  • Negligent supervision in daycare or assisted living settings
  • Sports-related deaths

As experienced wrongful death attorneys, we understand that each wrongful death case is different. Therefore, we give thorough, personalized attention to each of our clients. As your advocates in the Seattle legal system, we aim to provide the best possible legal advice for you.

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The Statute of Limitations in Wrongful Death

According to Washington law, you must file a wrongful death claim within three years of the person’s date of death. If you file after this period, the statute of limitations will no longer apply to it. Therefore, a court of law will not consider your case.

Medical malpractice comprises another stipulation for wrongful death suits. In these cases, you may file the suit outside the regular statute of limitations if the medical provider intentionally concealed the malpractice or committed fraud. Specifically, you have one year to file a suit from the time when you learned about the concealment or fraud.

Recovering Compensation in a Wrongful Death Case

When a Seattle wrongful death attorney argues on your behalf, you may receive damages. These damages commonly include compensation for any expenses you’ve incurred due to the wrongful death, such as:

  • Remaining medical expenses
  • Funeral costs
  • Burial costs
  • Loss of the deceased’s financial support
  • Loss of the deceased’s employment and retirement benefits
  • Loss of the deceased’s household services
  • Loss of relationship with the deceased (companionship, spousal intimacy, etc.)

Damages typically go to the surviving spouse or domestic partner as well as children or stepchildren. If the deceased had no spouse or children, the damages go to the surviving parents, legal guardians (in the case of minors), or siblings.

Besides economic damages, you can also receive non-economic damages under Washington law. These losses consist of the victim’s contributions and services while they were alive. They may include personal companionship, emotional support, and living assistance.

Benefits of Working with a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death lawsuits are often complicated and emotionally fraught. For these reasons, you can greatly benefit from working with a compassionate and knowledgeable wrongful death lawyer.

At Brain Injury Law of Seattle, we provide attorneys who will work tirelessly on your case. We leverage all our knowledge and resources to give you the best possible legal advice.

Our team will focus on your wrongful death suit in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We diligently collect evidence of the wrongful death to fortify your case. We are also available to answer any questions you may have regarding the specifics of your case.

Working with our wrongful death attorneys will give you the time and space you need to heal during your challenging experience. Recovering from a loved one’s wrongful death can take a long time. Therefore, you need to have trustworthy and sympathetic lawyers for wrongful death working for your best interests.

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Losing a loved one to wrongful death is a devastating experience. It can naturally leave you frustrated and unsure how to proceed. Furthermore, establishing a legal case for wrongful death can be difficult.

Here at Brain Injury Law of Seattle, our Seattle wrongful death attorneys are ready to help. We determine the best steps for you to find peace of mind.

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