Truck Accident Attorney in Chelan, WA

Commercial trucking accidents happen daily on roads all over the country. The legal fallout that results from these unfortunate events is extensive and can have far-reaching consequences for the parties involved.

If you are the manager of a commercial trucking company or a truck driver who was involved in an accident, you need the services of a commercial trucking accident attorney in Chelan. Chelan Commercial Trucking Accident AttorneyBrain Injury Law of Seattle can help. Our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience in these matters, and we can assist you in contesting unjust accusations. We can help you claim compensation for any damages you suffered during an accident. If you need legal help as the result of a commercial truck accident, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our office today to schedule a free initial consultation.  

How Common and Dangerous are Commercial Trucking Accidents in Chelan?

Upwards of 100,000 car accidents occur in Washington each year, with about 6,000 involving commercial vehicles. Generally speaking, accidents involving commercial or semi-trucks are more severe than crashes involving passenger cars. On average, the fatality rate for trucking accidents is twice as high in comparison to car accidents. Truck accidents are typically more severe because of a truck’s weight, size, and inability to make emergency adjustments in terms of speed and direction. A truck that is traveling at an average highway speed needs a distance of around 140 feet to come to a complete stop. When a truck is traveling at that speed, making a quick turn can also be catastrophic since the truck will maintain momentum in the same direction. Other road users sometimes fail to consider a truck’s slow response to sudden environmental changes. Drivers may also drive recklessly or fail to pay attention to potential hazards that can cause an accident. When there is an accident, the parties involved are usually quick to blame the truck driver as the operator of the largest vehicle. If you don’t have adequate legal representation, you may find yourself paying compensation for an accident you did not cause.

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What Does a Commercial Truck Accident Attorney Do?

A commercial truck accident can be the result of several causes, including driver negligence or environmental factors. Usually, the truck driver’s conduct behind the wheel is the first to be scrutinized. If you don't have legal representation, proving that the accident happened because of an environmental factor or the other party's negligence can be a challenge--a commercial truck accident attorney puts someone in your corner to fight for your rights.

Chelan Commercial Trucking Accident Attorney: Protect Yourself

Brain Injury Law of Seattle is ready to be on your side. Our team of commercial truck accident attorneys will conduct a thorough legal and factual investigation to find and present evidence that you are not the party at fault. We will then proceed by claiming compensation from the negligent party for damages that you suffered because of the accident.

Commercial truck accidents usually result in the following damages:

  • -    Pain and suffering
  • -    Current and future medical expenses
  • -    Damage to your truck and other property
You may also be entitled to claim for loss of income if the truck is no longer operational or if you are no longer able to work because of injuries. Contact Brain Injury Law of Seattle today to schedule an initial consultation.

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