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Dealing with a brain injury, and the inevitable physical injuries that go with it, is one of the toughest things a person will have to face. At Brain Injury Law of Seattle, we are absolutely committed to helping every one of our clients get the best medical and legal help they need to get back to where they were before the injury. Sometimes brain injuries can last a long time, so we make it our job to get you in to see the leading brain injury experts in the Seattle area to ensure the best treatment for your injury.

We pride ourselves on being national leaders and innovators not just in the brain injury field, but national leaders and innovators in brain injury law as well. We will keep looking for every kind of help you need to fully recover. But if a full recovery is not possible, we will make sure that you have the best experts on board to fully map out all the future needs for your brain injury and physical injuries so you'll know your future is secure. We always put your health needs first and above the economic value of your case, and we strive to understand every aspect of your case so nothing is overlooked. Our experienced Seattle brain injury lawyers know that by helping you and putting your needs first, the ideal outcome for your case always follows.


Brain Injury Attorney and Trial Attorney

Scott Blair is the founder of Brain Injury Law of Seattle. Brain injury work is his passion. For the last 25 years, Scott has proudly helped folks with brain injuries get the specialized treatment they need to get their lives back together. Scott understands that the effects of brain injuries are often complex and subtle, and can have a variety of profound effects on a person if they are not recognized and dealt with in a timely fashion. Scott is the first lawyer in the country to recognize the importance and prevalence of pituitary injuries in brain injury cases, and to passionately start educating and alerting the rest of the legal profession on the importance of such injuries. He has also led the charge on helping brain injury victims get the help they need for pituitary and hypothalamic injuries, which are present in nearly half of all brain injury cases causing hormonal imbalances and sleep disturbance. Because of his pioneering work in this area, Scott has been asked by many lawyer organizations, brain injury foundations, and even the Veterans Administration to help train brain injury workers, medical staff, social workers, lawyers and others on how to screen for and spot pituitary injuries. Because of his passion for helping TBI victims and training other attorneys on handling TBI cases, he has been asked by the Washington State Association of Justice to Chair its annual Traumatic Brain Injury Seminar both times it has presented this seminar in the last three years. He has also been asked by several other State Trial lawyer organizations to teach other lawyers throughout the US on how to spot pituitary injuries and help TBI victims get the help they need. He has been recognized by the medical profession as well for his passion in helping TBI victims.

In addition to his passion for representing TBI victims, Scott is also an accomplished trial lawyer who has tried more than 75 jury trials over the course of his 34 year career. As a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming, he has a passion for trying cases. His passion has been recognized by other attorneys, and has often been asked to train other Washington lawyers in the art of trying cases or assist them in trying TBI and injury cases. His willingness to try cases often makes the other side’s insurance carrier recognize that offering a full and fair settlement is preferable to a large verdict against their insureds.

With Scott helping you, you will always have a sympathetic ear, a passionate and knowledgeable advocate at your side, and a willingness to help you get the medical help you need to get your life back.


Brain Injury Attorney and Trial Attorney

Cassidy is passionate about advocating for her clients and helping them through the various challenges they face throughout the entire legal process from intake to resolution. Since 2016 when she passed the bar, her practice consists of solely helping people with serious injuries navigate their personal injury claims throughout the pre-litigation, litigation, and appellate phases. Cassidy’s favorite part of her work is getting to know her clients, build relationships with them, and ultimately uncover their stories to help them find the medical care and support they need, as well as to educate the defense lawyers and insurance companies about their damages to achieve the best possible outcome. Cassidy is a graduate of the Keenan Trial Institute and has attended many other trial schools, workshops, and seminars, as she is committed to continuing her legal education constantly to keep up with the latest techniques and updates.

Cassidy attended Seattle University School of Law and graduated a semester ahead of her class by challenging herself academically while holding a law clerk position at a personal injury firm. She was also on the editorial board for the Seattle Journal for Social Justice and earned a CALI award in Advanced Torts. Prior to law school, Cassidy attended the University of Oregon and received a B.S. degree. She majored in political science and had a minor through the English department that focused on logic, critical reasoning, and public speaking, preparing her for her legal career.

Outside of work, Cassidy can be found spending time with her husband and their two cats. She enjoys traveling, as well as exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest and everything it has to offer. In the fall, you will find her at Autzen Stadium cheering on her beloved Oregon Ducks.



Brain Injury Attorney and Trial Attorney

Cody hails from a rural farming and logging community in Southwest Missouri. After obtaining his undergraduate degree at Missouri State University, Cody decided to join the legal profession. This decision was driven, in large part, by Cody’s experiences witnessing regular people struggling to navigate the complexities of the legal system and being taken advantage of by large and sophisticated corporate interests, like insurance companies.

Determined to put himself in a position to help regular people level the playing field, Cody attended Baylor Law on a full academic scholarship and graduated in 2020. During his time in law school, Cody served on the editorial board for the Baylor Law Review and pursued multiple externships. Cody’s externships included a quarter clerking for a United States Magistrate Judge in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas as well as assisting the editor of the Texas Practice Guide: Alternative Dispute Resolution 2019-20 edition.

After graduating from law school, Cody moved to the Pacific Northwest and started his legal career helping people resolve property disputes, and disability and injury claims. He joined the team at Brain Injury Law of Seattle in early 2024, where he looks forward to getting to know his clients’ stories and telling them in a compelling, compassionate, and thoughtful way. When he is not at work, Cody enjoys camping, hiking, cycling, and kayaking around the Pacific Northwest, or simply relaxing with a good book.

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Discovery and Technology Manager

Blake Blair works as the Discovery and Technology manager for Brain Injury Law of Seattle. He has grown up watching his father, a very highly respected trial lawyer in Seattle, seek help and justice for his clients, and this has rubbed off on Blake. As the Discovery and Technology manager, Blake assists the litigation team with a variety of discovery processes such as public disclosure and information requests, getting eye-witness statements, incident site visits, and combing through every available data-point assisting in the preparation of your case for trial. Blake also helps manage the presentation at trial through various intensive software programs so that your case is presented in the most understandable way possible to a jury.

Blake Graduated from the University of Washington in 2018 making the president’s and dean’s list. With a Major in Psychology and minor in Business Blake learned how to combine both areas into a mentality that really wants to help brain injury victims. Suffering from his own brain injury years ago he knows the struggles that come with one and helped shape his approach with Brain Injury Law’s clients. This type of work is in Blake’s blood, and it shows when he helps out our clients.

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Paralegal/Case Manager

Sherry has been a passionate advocate helping injured folks for over 20 years. As a very experienced paralegal and a prior licensed private investigator, she started working with Scott Blair in 1997. She has developed a strong expertise in helping injured folks navigate their way through the challenges of dealing with excessive medical bills, complicated health care issues, lost income issues with employers, and many other pressing matters that arise when one gets seriously injured. Sherry is also very well respected by many of the best defense attorneys, mediators and insurance adjusters for her extensive and detailed settlement brochures she helps write on behalf of clients. Her excellent work on these brochures helps make the difference with insurance companies wanting to settle your case rather than risk litigating. She is passionate about protecting the rights of clients under their insurance policy and requiring accountability from insurance carriers. She is well respected by those in the insurance industry who know her level of integrity. Everyone respects the fact she is a strong advocate for our clients and she takes great pride in being able to resolve cases in a cost-effective way that benefits our clients.

Sherry is well liked and respected by clients who find her a great listener and find her comfortable to speak to about the personal matters following a serious injury. Having experienced a back injury herself, she can empathize with those that experience chronic pain and how that affects you on a daily basis.

Outside of work, Sherry and her husband Wade have two teenage sons, Trevor and Tyler. On most days, Sherry can be found in the stands cheering on her boys in football, basketball and baseball. She is also very involved in the Snoqualmie Community and donates her time to the Mount Si Football program and helps feed over a hundred football players every week during football season and is instrumental in raising funds for the high school football team. As a college athlete herself, she knows the value of being a strong team member and what it takes to be a leader in the personal injury industry. Clients are appreciative of having Sherry on their team.

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With over 30 years of experience as a litigation paralegal and legal assistant, Gayline Vernon has a thorough understanding of the process involved in clients' brain injury and bodily injury cases from start to finish. Gayline started working with Scott Blair in 1994.

Gayline has helped prepare scores of cases for trial, mediation, arbitration, and she knows how important it is that your story be told as honestly and directly as possible to a judge, jury, mediator or arbitrator. She enjoys helping clients get through the many challenges that they face in a lawsuit or brain injury claim.

Gayline is well respected by the court clerks, medical professionals and defendants paralegals she deals with on a daily basis when scheduling matters on a client's case. She is known for her pleasant way of relating to people. She is very familiar with helping brain injury victims get through the claims process and legal system with the least amount of hassle.

Outside of work, Gayline enjoys spending time with her husband and children.

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Emily has been in the legal field for 8 years and has experience in case managing personal injury claims and workers compensation claims. She is the first person you will see when entering the firm. She greets clients and makes sure they feel comfortable in our space that has been specifically designed to adapt to clients with brain injuries. Emily coordinates all the communication that comes into the office and uses her precise and efficient organization skills to keep information on every case up to date. Emily assists in accounting and medical records coordination as well as assisting the pre-lit team with all the prep that goes into working a case up before trial. She recently relocated from Las Vegas, NV so in her free time she enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest region and cheering on the Vegas Golden Nights hockey team.

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In 2021, Teresita Chevez became a member of Brain Injury Law of Seattle. She has seven years of expertise in the legal profession with matters spanning from immigration and personal injury law. What motivates her is her keen eye for detail and desire to go above and beyond. Teresita helps the prelitigation team with the ordering and gathering of medical records as well as with all the case development work that needs to be done before we go to trial. She moved to the Pacific Northwest from her hometown of Miami, Florida, and is happy and excited to be living here with her partner.

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Growing up in a family full of attorneys, Antonia grew up in the legal field. She is a creative communicator dedicated to client’s specific needs and personalities. Previously being in the restaurant industry and beauty industry, she has a well-rounded appreciation for all people. After being in customer service for almost two decades, she has decided to follow in her many family members’ footsteps and use her skills in the law field. Moving to the PNW in 2015 to be closer to her in-laws, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking & crafting in her time away from the firm.

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