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Trucking accidents happen frequently and can result in extensive damage and serious injuries. The consequences of a truck accident are, generally speaking, more severe than accidents involving passenger vehicles.

As someone active in the trucking industry, you are susceptible to unjust compensation claims, and you may be held responsible if you were involved in a trucking accident. If you need a commercial trucking accident attorney in Snoqualmie, look no further than Brain Injury Law of Seattle.

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How Common and Dangerous are Commercial Trucking Accidents in Snoqualmie?

commercial trucking accident lawyer snoqualmieCommercial and semi-trucking accidents are a tragic reality with close to 6,000 occurring in Washington every year. Several factors contribute to the occurrence of truck accidents, including: -    The size and weight of a semi-truck -    Pressure on drivers and driver fatigue -    A truck’s inability to stop and turn at high speeds When a truck is traveling at highways speeds, it requires a distance of around 400 feet to come to a complete halt. For example, if a vehicle pulls suddenly into the roadway and doesn’t come up to speed quickly enough, the truck will not be able to stop in time. A truck traveling a high speed will also not be able to swerve to dodge the hazard. The truck will attempt to keep its momentum in the direction it is moving, so if the front wheels turn, the driver will lose control, and the truck will likely end up on its side. Accidents that involve commercial or semi-trucks are twice as likely to result in a fatality in comparison with passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, many drivers get irritated or panicked when there is a truck in their vicinity, and they start resorting to reckless and negligent driving.

You Need a Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Truck drivers are often held responsible for commercial or semi-truck accidents because they are in control of the large vehicle. Consequently, you may have to compensate other parties that were involved for damages and injuries. If another driver’s negligence caused the accident, however, you can’t be held responsible for the accident. Brain Injury Law of Seattle’s team of commercial truck accident attorneys will carry out a thorough investigation and follow the relevant legal process to prove that your driving did not cause the accident. Then, we will institute a claim on your behalf against the party at fault to compensate you for any injuries or damages that you may have suffered during the accident.

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Don’t wait for an accident to happen before teaming up with one of the leading commercial trucking accident attorneys in Snoqualmie. If you were in an accident, we can provide you with high-end legal representation. We will ensure that you don’t take unjust blame for the accident. We will also take action against the negligent party to ensure that they pay for the pain, suffering, expenses, and damages that they cause you. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.  

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