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Motorcycle accidents result in fatalities or grave injuries 80% of the time, compared to only 20% of car accidents.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in Bellingham through no fault of your own, you have the right to claim compensation for your losses. This includes lost wages, injuries, and other damages due to the crash.

Bellingham Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

There’s no doubt that riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car or truck. Motorcyclists sustain severe injuries in most collisions they are involved in. Moreover, most of these accidents are caused by distracted drivers who were not paying attention to the road.

In many cases, bikers are pressured into accepting a quick settlement from the responsible party. These settlements usually cover your initial hospital expenses, but they don’t consider long lasting injuries that may develop after the accident.

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At Brain Injury Law of Seattle, our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve in Bellingham. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help negotiate a fair settlement and build a solid case to increase your chances of a positive outcome.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are many factors that can cause a motorcycle crash. These include, but are not limited to:

Weather-Related Accidents

Bad weather conditions are one of the main reasons motorcycle accidents occur. Perhaps the driver that caused the collision didn’t consider the road was wet. Or, maybe the road you were driving on was not treated for poor weather conditions.

Even streets that lack signage or have potholes can cause severe injuries. Our Bellingham motorcycle accident lawyers will examine all possible scenarios and hold the accountable party responsible.

Being Forced Off the Road By Another Vehicle

Bad crashes can also occur when a biker is swept off the road by another vehicle. Driving under the influence, distractions, and not checking blind spots usually cause these collisions.

Rear-End Collisions

It’s also common to see crashes where bikers are rear-ended by another vehicle. Most of these collisions are caused by distractions, so our attorneys will verify all cellphone records to make sure the faulty party wasn’t calling or texting while behind the wheel.

Getting Cut Off By a Turning Car

Almost a quarter of motorcycle accidents occur at an intersection, according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In this case, bikers are usually cut off by another vehicle that’s turning left into the motorcycle’s path, resulting in a bad accident.

Hit a Stationary Object

A lot of crashes happen because of stationary objects that are left on the road. This can range from random debris to construction equipment or even items that fell out of a truck.

At Brain Injury Law, our motorcycle accident attorneys in Bellingham will help track down the responsible parties and take legal action against them.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle drivers can suffer a number of different injuries during a crash, for instance:

Friction Rash

High-speed collisions often catapult motorcyclists off their vehicle and send them sliding across the pavement. Unless they are wearing durable protective gear, this usually results in body-wide abrasions or road rash.


Degloving is a painful injury that occurs when the skin that covers the hands or feet is completely removed. Aside from agonizing pain, it can also result in serious infections as it exposes ligaments and tendons as well.

Broken Bones and Fractured Limbs

Bikers may also suffer from broken bones and fractured limbs due to a bad collision. Legs, arms, the pelvis, and shoulders are among the most common areas affected.

Serious Burns

Unfortunately, gasoline is often present in motorcycle accidents. Subsequently, many bikers suffer severe burns that require skin graphs and years of treatment.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

The most dangerous type of injury you can sustain during a motorcycle crash is a traumatic brain injury. Wearing a helmet will help reduce the chances of a fatal outcome by 37%, so make sure you always put safety first.

Find a Reliable Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Bellingham

Motorcyclists that are involved in a collision have to deal with both physical and psychological traumas. Medical bills can pile up quickly and most folks lose the ability to work as well.

Anger and depression may push you to accept an unfair settlement immediately. Even though it may seem to provide a quick fix, there’s a strong possibility that the settlement won’t cover future treatment.

At Brain Injury Law, we understand how frustrated motorcyclists can be after they are involved in a crash. Our motorcycle crash lawyers aim to take care of your financial and legal requirements, so you can focus on recovering as fast as you can.

We will help assess the extent of your injuries, examine your medical expenses, and consider all losses in order to agree on a fair settlement. Then, our motorcycle accident attorneys will collect evidence, interview witnesses and law enforcement representatives, as well as employ experts to build a solid case for the compensation you deserve.

There is nothing that can truly make up for your losses, but our goal is to provide everything you need to recover to the best of your ability.

If you were involved in an accident, our team of Bellingham motorcycle crash attorneys is here to help.

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M.W., kent, wa

“M.W. was riding his bicycle in a bike lane in Kent. He was a 24 year old elite cyclist in excellent shape. A driver of a truck in the lane next to him suddenly turned right and nicked M.W., making him fall off his bike. He was wearing his helmet. However, when he fell to the ground, his head struck the pavement along with his left shoulder. “


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