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Commercial truck accidents happen daily and, as a truck driver, you may be involved in a trucking accident at some point during your career.

The legal consequences of truck accidents can be extensive and, if you don’t have adequate legal representation, it can affect you in innumerable ways. If you need a commercial trucking accident attorney in Woodinville, Brain Injury Law of Seattle is here for you.   Reach out to our team to learn more about our legal representation services or to schedule a consultation.

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How Common and Dangerous are Commercial Trucking Accidents in Woodinville?

Woodinville Commercial Trucking Accident AttorneyThe size and weight of commercial and semi-trucks are significant factors in the occurrence of accidents. Generally, accidents involving trucks are more severe than crashes involving passenger cars, and they are twice as likely to result in fatalities. When a truck is traveling at average highway speed, it requires a distance of around 400 feet to come to a complete halt. The inability of a truck to come to a quick stop is the cause of many commercial truck accidents. If a truck is traveling at a high rate of speed, a driver can’t jerk the steering wheel to make an emergency adjustment. The truck will keep its forward momentum, but since the front wheels no longer point in this direction, the driver will lose control, and the truck will tip or roll. Many passenger car drivers expect trucks to perform in the same manner as motor vehicles, and they may carry out risky maneuvers that can cause an accident. Some drivers may also become impatient or panicked and try to pass trucks when it is not safe. Many commercial trucking accidents are the result of negligent passenger drivers or environmental factors. All the above lead to close to 6,000 commercial accidents in Washington each year.

Why You Need a Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

In many cases, commercial truck drivers are wrongfully held responsible for an accident simply because they were in control of the larger vehicle. Unrepresented truck drivers often have to pay compensation to other parties, even if the other party caused the accident by driving recklessly. If you use Brain Injury Law of Seattle’s legal services, however, our team of specialists will ensure that you don’t have to take responsibility for an accident that you did not cause. We will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the events that resulted in the accident and prove that the accident happened because the party at fault was negligent. Then, we will institute a claim against the party to compensate you for your damages. When it comes to commercial trucking accidents, you can claim compensation for:
  • -    Pain and suffering
  • -    Medical expenses
  • -    Damage to your truck and other property
  • -    Loss of income if your truck is no longer operational

Woodinville Commercial Trucking Accident Attorney: Get in Touch Today

You don’t have to suffer damages or take responsibility for an accident that you didn’t cause. If you were involved in a commercial trucking accident, contact Brain Injury Law of Seattle today to learn more about our services or to schedule an initial consultation.

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