How to get a Second Opinion from a Brain Injury Lawyer

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Second Opinion Definition

  If you experience a life-altering brain injury, hiring professional legal counsel can help you construct a strong case when pursuing compensation. While researching lawyers, investigating a second-opinion lawyer is wise. Even if the first legal professional you meet with seems ideal, researching other professionals offers another perspective on how to fight your case.   What Is a Second Legal … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions for Construction Accidents

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Frequently Asked Questions Construction Accident

  Many jobs are dangerous, but construction is one profession exposed to many hazards. Construction professionals experience some of the worst on-the-job injuries and highest death rates in any industry. In fact, in 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that one in five on-the-job fatalities occurred on construction jobs. Despite their danger, construction jobs afford workers a comfortable living … Read More

How To Prove Negligence in a Slip and Fall Accident

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How do you Prove Negligence in a Slip and Fall

  Accidentally slipping and falling can be scary. At best, you’re a little shaken and continue your day. At worst, a significant fall can cause severe injuries and negatively impact many facets of your life. Since slip and fall accidents could give you a reason to pursue compensation, it’s essential to learn how to prove negligence in a slip and … Read More

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Brain Injuries

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cte treatment

Traumatic brain injury is a contributor to worker’s compensation claims. According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), 17% of claims between $3 and $5 million and 30% of $10+ million worker’s compensation claims were for traumatic brain injury, which includes CTE brain injury. The precise number of American workers with CTE is unknown, partly because doctors diagnose the … Read More

Lift Truck Accident: Most Common Type

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lift truck accident

What is the most common type of lift truck accident? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2011 and 2016, 614 lost their lives in forklift accidents, along with over 7,000 people who suffered injuries that were not fatal over that time period. The National Safety Council reports that 78 people died, and 7,290 people sustained injuries due to … Read More

Most Common Injuries in Football

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most common injuries in football

In college and high school football, injuries have claimed lives and shortened careers for decades. Parents and players often ask, “What are the most common injuries in football, and what can I do about them?” Keep reading to learn more. Football Injuries Statistics Football injuries are a fact of life at every level of competitive football, from children’s leagues to … Read More

Totaled Car – A Guide When You’ve Totaled Your Car in Seattle

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Totaled car caused in a car accident

A totaled car can cost you thousands of dollars and leave you carless for several weeks, if not longer. It severely hinders your daily life and often complicates rudimentary tasks like going to the store. That’s why Brain Injury Law of Seattle put together a guide to teach you what happens when your car is totaled and the steps you … Read More

Brain Injuries Can Cause Epilepsy

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Brain injuries Can Cause Epilepsy

For many years now, medical science has known that mild, moderate, and severe brain injuries can be a direct cause of post-traumatic epileptic seizures. Post-Traumatic Epilepsy (PTE) is considered “does dependent”, meaning that the worse the head injury, the more likely one can develop PTE. It is most common to see the onset of seizures in the first week following … Read More

T-Bone Accident: Who is at Fault, Causes, & Injuries

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T Bone car accident

Also known as side-impact or broadside collision, a T-bone accident is one of the most dangerous and deadly types of car accidents that occur here in Washington. What does T-bone mean in a car accident? A T-bone accident is when the front of one car strikes another car on the side, which forms the shape of a “T.” In an … Read More

Different Types of Road Rash Treatment from a Motorcycle Accident and How To Treat It?

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Guy providing first aid to the injured man in the park.

Sometimes called strawberries or raspberries, road rash is a type of skin abrasion or friction burn that happens when you scrape your skin against a rough surface. In this post, we will look at the different types of motorcycle road rash treatment and how to prevent scarring and infections. Determining the Severity and Types of Road Rash Injury Road rash … Read More