How to get a Second Opinion from a Brain Injury Lawyer

By Brain Injury Law of Seattle

Second Opinion Definition


If you experience a life-altering brain injury, hiring professional legal counsel can help you construct a strong case when pursuing compensation. While researching lawyers, investigating a second-opinion lawyer is wise.

Even if the first legal professional you meet with seems ideal, researching other professionals offers another perspective on how to fight your case.


What Is a Second Legal Opinion?

A second legal opinion is discussing the details of your case with a different lawyer to compare their perspective with your initial option. The second opinion definition includes a comparison of both lawyers’ tactics. This comparison factor makes a second-opinion lawyer a wise choice for any brain injury victim.


Second Legal Opinion


Why Should One Get a Second Opinion in a Brain Injury Law Case?


Below are some reasons you might decide to see a second legal opinion.


If Lawyer Doesn’t Return Your Calls

Communication is crucial to constructing a brain injury case. If your first lawyer isn’t available when you need them and won’t return your calls, they may not value your case. Seek a second-opinion lawyer who prioritizes you.


If Lawyer Won’t Tell You What Your Case Is Worth

Legal professionals with experience in these cases should preview the potential level of compensation for your case. If your lawyer withholds this number, they may not have the expertise necessary to build a strong case.


If You Need Money Now, but Your Lawyer Says No

Urgency matters in brain injuries. Your lawyer should value swift and quality action to get you the money you need to recover.


If You’re Still in Pain but Your Lawyer Told You Not To Seek Any More Medical Treatment

The goal of a brain injury case is to ensure victims receive the treatment they need. Therefore, your lawyer should prioritize your health and listen when you say you need more treatment.


Second Opinion Lawyer


Where to Get a Second Opinion for Brain Injury Cases?

While you could technically ask any lawyer, legal professionals with experience in brain injury cases understand the second opinion definition best. Contact firms like Brain Injury Law of Seattle that provide experience-based legal counsel on brain injury cases.


Points to Discuss During a Second Opinion:

Below are some important points to ask a second-opinion lawyer.

Ask About Fees

Understanding the holistic financial burden of your second-opinion lawyer is crucial before choosing a new professional.


Look for Good Communication

It’s likely you’re seeking a second opinion because your first-choice legal professional did not seem to prioritize your case. Investigate the communication strategies of your second opinion lawyer and ensure they value transparency, timeliness, and inclusion.


Ask About the Attorney Team

Some brain injury firms offer teams of attorneys for your case. Ask your second-opinion lawyer about the team at their firm.


Check Out Their Areas of Expertise


Every brain injury case is unique. From negligence cases to major injuries, your new legal professional should have experience dealing with similar cases.


Find a Lawyer That Supports Your Doctor

It’s not uncommon for lawyers and doctors to disagree during the construction of a compensation case. Ensure your new team values your doctor’s point of view and agrees with their treatment.


Speak to Previous Clients

Asking previous clients for reviews is one of the best ways to research a potential second-opinion lawyer.


Benefits of Seeking a Second Opinion

Seeking a legal second opinion offers several benefits, such as:

  •  New perspectives
  •  Potentially different approach to your case
  •  A comparison factor for your first professional
  •  Potentially cheaper or more-quality options
  •  Learning new things about your case from fresh eyes


FAQs – Second Opinion for Brain Injury Cases


Below are some frequently asked questions about second-opinion lawyers for brain injury cases.


How Much Does Legal Counsel Cost?

Every firm charges clients differently. However, the added value of a legal professional for your compensation case may outweigh the costs of their service.


When Should I Get a Second Opinion?

Seek a second opinion when you feel that your first lawyer doesn’t prioritize or care about your case.


Do I Need to Hire a Second Opinion Lawyer?

No, only hire a second opinion lawyer if your first is failing you or you need more information.



Our attorneys understand the unique frustrations that come with brain injury cases. To discuss your case with a compassionate second-opinion lawyer, call and set up a legal consultation with Brain Injury Law of Seattle today!


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