How to Choose a Brain Injury Lawyer

By Scott Blair

How to choose a brain injury lawyer l Brain Injury Law Seattle

Why Should I Choose a Brain Injury Lawyer?

Many firms pay Google to appear at the top of the brain injury page as an AD. However, being at the top of the list because you bought your way there does not mean you are the best. It just means that you paid Google to be noticed before everyone else.

When you hire a brain injury firm, you need to decide whether the firm you want to hire really knows the complex area of brain injury, or are they generalists who do a little of everything, but not a lot of one thing-brain injuries. So you need to look behind how a person gets to the top of the Google search engines-through expertise and client care, or buying your way there?

At Brain Injury Law of Seattle, we don’t have to buy our way to the top, because we got there by taking good care of our clients, knowing a lot about brain injuries, and getting verdicts and settlements for our clients that reflect the expertise we bring to the table, and their satisfaction with our help.

When you hire BILS, you are hiring lawyers who speak nationally and locally at seminars to help train other lawyers on brain injuries. We are not generalists who do a little bit of everything-we only do brain injuries and the other injuries that typically come along with them. So when you hire us for a brain injury, you know that you are getting lawyers who only do brain injuries.

At BILS we frequently get cases sent to us from other attorneys who realized that they did not know everything they needed to know about prosecuting a brain damage case. And that is just good lawyering, because it says those lawyers have their client’s best interests at heart. There are clearly some other good attorneys out there who do good work with brain injuries, and we encourage prospective clients to check them out as well and compare. Why? Because we are confident that after you compare the differences between how we prepare your case and how other folks do so, as well as our trial experience in brain injury cases, you will agree BILS is the best choice for you. For more details contact us today!