Virtu-Trial aims to be your one stop shop for technical legal assistance for a wide range of services that include recorded witness statements up to our full trial package. The legal world for a long time now has been lagging behind other professional industries when it comes to utilizing high level digital technology. With digital trials now being conducted it is more important than ever to be ahead of the curve (and your opponent) in presenting a strong online case. Here at Virtu-Trial we know what it takes and what is necessary to put up your best arguments. Unlike others, Virtu-Trial was founded in a law firm that specializes in trying cases. Our background in the legal field gives us the knowledge to best assist you in several areas. Our technicians have been trained in not only technical assistance but proper legal procedures as well.

Virtu Trial Services:

  • Zoom/Trial Tech Help
  • Focus Groups
  • Mediations
  • Arbitrations
  • Expert/Custom Exhibit Creation
  • Deposition Videography
  • Witness Recorded Statements
  • Opening/Closing Assistance
  • Jury Selection Assistance
  • Complete Trial Packages

Here at Virtu-Trial our goal is to make trials easy. With our full trial package, we offer two focus groups for your case, custom meaningful exhibit creation, high definition recorded witness statements, jury selection help, opening and closing assistance, multi-camera technical setups, complete high-quality audio/visual setup and takedown, and more. We know how demanding trial prep can be (we’ve done quite a few ourselves), so we aim to take as much stress out of your life leading up to trial as possible. Whether we are only setting up and taking down or staying throughout the duration of your trial, our technicians will do anything we can to make your trial, easy.

Please inquire below for all pricing and options: