Tire Blowout Auto Accident Lawyer in Seattle, WA

Having your tires blow out is always a scary experience, particularly if you are traveling at high speeds. Poorly maintained tires can be a recipe for disaster, and you may find yourself at fault if an accident occurs.

A blowout is defined as a car accident in which a tire, or tires, of a car, deflate rapidly, and are responsible for over 23,000 accidents every year—around 63 each day. It is important to remember that even if it’s your tires that cause an accident, this does not automatically mean that you will be liable. In some cases, your tires may be damaged so severely that you lose all pressure and control, of the vehicle, and this could be due to the negligence of a third party—not automatically the driver.

What Are the Causes of Tire Blowouts?

Tire Blowout Auto Accident LawyerThe leading cause of a tire blowout is typically poor vehicle maintenance. Failing to check your vehicle regularly can mean that tires become worn and uneven and increases your risk of a blowout. The most common factors tend to be:
  • Defective tires
  • Underinflated tires
  • Overinflated tires
  • Worn-out tires
  • A tire punctures
  • Incorrect air pressure
  • Overloaded vehicle
  • Hitting a pothole, crack, or curb
  • Bad road conditions
  • Bad weather conditions
If you are the owner of the vehicle and fail to check your tires regularly, you may find yourself at the end of a personal injury lawsuit if an accident occurs as a result. The fault is not always with the driver, though. If other parties are found to have been negligent, and these actions caused or contributed to the crash, blame may lay with them.

Who May Be at Fault for a Tire Blowout Accident?

While fault may be found with the driver, they are not the only party who may be held liable. If you can prove that the negligent or careless actions of others were a direct contribution to the accident, they may find themselves liable. Examples include:
  • Another motorist on the road
  • Another road user such as a motorcyclist, pedestrian, or bicyclist
  • The auto manufacturer if you can prove there was a known fault or defect
  • The tire manufacturer for the same reason
  • An auto mechanic if they were responsible for maintaining, inspecting, repairing or replacing tires which were faulty or defective, those with faulty air pressure, or tires which had previously been recalled.
  • A public or government agency who own, control, or maintain the road or highway where the accident took place

Tire Blowout Auto Accident Lawyer: Get Help

When your tire blows out, you may find yourself losing control of the vehicle, and the consequences can be catastrophic for you and other parties involved. To help ensure that your interests are protected and that you take the correct path to receive any compensation you may be owed, it is a good idea to consult a legal expert, who will be skilled in dealing with tire blowout accidents and can help set you on the right path for success. Our legal team can help. Reach out to our office today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.