Teen Driver Accident Lawyer in Seattle, WA

Teenagers and cars is a scary combination, especially when we take into account the statistics which show that car accidents are the highest cause of death amongst teens in the US. Around 75 percent of all fatal accidents involving teenagers are caused by cars, and teens between the ages of 16 and 19 are four times more likely to be involved in an accident than other motorists.

Not only are teens more likely to be involved in an accident, but in many states, the law will hold them to the same level of responsibility as elderly drivers who cause a crash. They have the same duty of care to exercise reasonable care to ensure their safety and that of other road users. That means that if you have been involved in an accident caused by a teenage driver, you are entitled to financial compensation and damages.

Common Causes of Teenage Driving Accidents

Every accident is different, and many are caused by the driver acting in a way which is reckless or negligent. Some of the most reasons for teen car crashes include the following:
  • Lack of experience
Teenagers are just getting started in their driving journey and are at most risk of getting into an accident in their first 500 miles of driving due to their lack of skills and experience behind the wheel.
  • Immaturity
By their very nature, teens tend to be more impatient, reckless, and disorganized, as well as less attentive and sometimes more aggressive. They are more likely to see their car as fun and freedom, rather than a simple means of getting them from A to B.
  • Electronics
Smartphones and electronics are common in the lives of our teens, and they may be more likely to text or call while driving, as well as using cell phones for music and directions. This technology can distract drivers, which can lead to accidents.
  • Speeding
For many teens, driving is all about the thrill, and speeding is a big part of this. They drive faster to feel the buzz, and this can be catastrophic.
  • Teenage passengers
You rarely see a teen driving alone many will bring their friends along for the ride, and this can put the driver under pressure to be more reckless and impulsive in an attempt to look cool. They may try dangerous stunts or be more reckless and lax with safety.
  • Alcohol
Studies have shown that alcohol is a factor in almost 25 percent of all fatal car accidents involving teenagers, though this is not restricted to this age group.

Teen Driver Accident Lawyer: Get Help

As teen drivers are treated in the same way as older drivers, a good teen driver accident lawyer will be able to ensure that any victims receive the same level of compensation as they would with any other driver. This includes financial losses or loss of wages, as well as cover for any medical expenses or lifelong treatment which has incurred as a direct result of the crash, and the negligence of the driver. Our team is here to help—schedule your free consultation today.