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Every year, many people look for highly recommended Tacoma maritime injury lawyers in our service areas at the Brain Injury Law of Seattle. Accidents and collisions that involve recreational boat passengers are commonplace in Washington, with the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission reporting at least 114 maritime mishaps in their most recent report. Boating under the influence of drugs and alcohol is the leading contributing factor in these collisions, accounting for more than 44% of deaths.

Brain Injury Law of Seattle Provides Maritime Injury Representation in Tacoma

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney that can competently represent you against a responsible party in maritime accidents, we can help you. Whether you're up against a private individual, corporation, or government organization, our attorneys diligently support your case.

Brain Injury Law of Seattle is the most reliable and trial-tested law firm in all our service areas. Our five-star reviews from former clients attest to our exceptional knowledge.

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Understanding Your Maritime Rights in Tacoma

Passengers and Recreational Boaters

The weather in Tacoma is almost always warm and sunny, driving thousands of recreational boaters to Puget Sound every year. According to the United States Coast Guard, recreational boating produced over $62.5 million of property damage and medical liabilities in 2020.

Passengers and recreational boaters often hire Tacoma maritime injury lawyers to file three kinds of claims:

  • Wrongful death from drowning
  • Physical injuries from a watercraft collision
  • Damage to property from absent or improperly placed warning devices

These individuals are often victims of operator inexperience, inattention, speeding, and boating in adverse weather. Some operators also drive boats under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and legal medication, which can affect perception, behavior, and consciousness.

Recreational boating is an activity that involves a broad range of watercraft. Sailboats, airboats, wave runners, jet skis, and inflatable boats are legally classified as recreational boats. Manually operated watercraft, such as paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, and inflatable vessels, also qualify as recreational vehicles.

Family members and victims can hire Tacoma maritime accident lawyers to sue operators or boating companies for using unsafe equipment or for negligence. You can file claims against a fellow family member if they are responsible for an accident. You also file lawsuits against rental companies, manufacturers, and fellow passengers who display aggressive or unreasonable behavior.

We also serve recreational boaters who file claims against government agencies for placing warning buoys in the wrong places. A Tacoma maritime injury lawyer will help you determine whether you should file a case against the state or federal government, which can be complex without legal training.


Most harbor workers are employees of private companies and government organizations. Their employers must guarantee them monetary compensation for workplace accidents and operational oversights.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act of 1927 compensates dock workers and employees in shipbuilding and maritime repair facilities for occupational diseases and injuries.

The development of automated cranes, tractors, and transtainers makes maritime work safer every year. However, accidents still happen. The most common claims against shipping companies are for injuries and wrongful deaths associated with dropping containers and falls from great heights.


    The Jones Act protects ship and dock workers against corporate negligence. Being a seaman does not necessarily mean that you work on a ship. Employees who directly contribute to a fleet also count as seamen, including mechanics, barge and tugboat operators, and off-ship navigators.

    The Jones Act affords seamen a broader range of monetary compensation compared to a standard worker's comp policy. In its 2006 revision, the Jones Act makes a company liable when it fails to perform scheduled safety checks on ship equipment, provide safety gear, place hazard signs in dangerous areas, and install anti-slip surfaces on ship decks. It covers seamen for lost earnings, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering.

    Finding a Maritime Injury Attorney in Tacoma

    Finding a competent Tacoma maritime accident lawyer to represent your interests will always lead to better outcomes than navigating the country's complex maritime laws without professional help.

    At Brain Injury Law of Seattle, we help victims suffering from potentially life-changing physical injuries and mental trauma from recreational and workplace-related maritime accidents.

    Filing a claim against a company large enough to afford a fleet of freight or cruise vessels can be daunting. Our Tacoma maritime injury lawyers will leave no stone unturned filing and advocating for your claim following an accident. Call us today to get a free consultation.

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