Rollover Accident Lawyer in Seattle, WA

Any car accident is a traumatic and scary event, and a rollover accident is amongst the worst you can experience. These occur when a vehicle tips over on its side or top and are a staple of Hollywood blockbusters everywhere. Unfortunately for drivers, they are not only confined to the movies, and they continue to have a high fatality rate across the United States.

As well as being fatal in some cases, rollover accidents also carry a very high risk of serious injury, including broken necks, back injuries, internal bleeding, paralysis, and brain injuries, all of which can have a devastating impact on the victim. This is especially true if the accident occurs at high speeds— the consequences can be catastrophic.

Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

There are many common causes of this type of incident and the five most common factors:
  • Turns
A vehicle which is traveling at high speed is likely to lose traction if it's turned abruptly. This can cause it to flip or rollover.
  • Ramps
If two wheels on the same side of a vehicle ascend upon an incline, the car may roll over.
  • Skids
A vehicle is more likely to slip and roll over or tip onto the side or roof if it loses traction. This usually happens off-road, on roads which are icy, slippery, or wet thanks to adverse weather.
  • Spins
If a vehicle hits a solid object on the ground, it is more likely to spin or rollover
  • Collision
If a car collides with another vehicle, it may roll over or slip out of control. It can be hard to find fault when you are dealing with a rollover accident; the other part may claim that poor weather conditions or a bad road surface were to blame for you losing control, or that you were negligent in driving and made a decision which caused the incident. To find fault with the other party, you must prove that the other driver admitted negligent acts which directly caused or contributed to the crash.

Rollover Accident Lawyer: Who is to Blame?

There are a number of parties who may be blamed for the rollover accident, depending on the circumstances of the accident.
  • The mechanic
If you can prove that your auto mechanic did not conduct a thorough inspection or maintenance check during a routine inspection, they may be liable.
  • The manufacturer
If you can prove that the vehicle had a design or manufacturing defect.
  • A public or government entity
It is also possible to find fault with the body who owns the highway or road and has a responsibility to maintain. In the event that the accident was a result of a cracked or uneven surface, pothole or bad road condition, you could hold these parties liable. If you or a family member have been involved in a rollover accident, you should seek the services of an experience rollover accident lawyer. Our team can help you pursue a claim for any damages you may be entitled to, and ensure you get proper care and compensation for any medical expenses which may have occurred.  

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