Poor Vehicle Maintenance Accident Lawyer in Seattle, WA

Whenever we witness or hear anything about a car accident, the automatic reaction is to wonder who was at fault, and how it happened. Was one driver speeding? Did weather conditions cause a crash? Was someone drunk at the wheel? These are all understandable reactions, but they are not always accurate.

In addition to human error, crashes can also be caused by improper and inadequate vehicle maintenance. In these cases, while the incident is, without doubt, the fault of the driver who owns the vehicle, it can be much harder to prove than in the case of something like distracted or drunk driving.

What Are the Common Faults?

Poor Vehicle Maintenance Accident LawyerThere are some common maintenance issues which increase the likelihood of a car being involved in an accident. These include:
  • Worn out brake pads
  • Faulty brakes
  • Under or over-inflated tires, bald tires, or other issues related to tire blowout and inflation
  • Defective belts, pumps or fluids which directly affect steering issues, or poorly maintained aspects
  • Cracked windshield
  • Lack of fluids such as wiper fluid, coolant or antifreeze
  • Faulty lights
  • Broken windscreen wipers
These are just a few of the issues with vehicles which have the potential to lead to an accident, and this would be directly caused by improper maintenance and inspection. In this case, it is your job to prove that the other motorist failed to service their vehicle regularly or failed to repair or replace a specific faulty part. This includes ignoring any warning lights which suggested maintenance was required, or advice from a mechanic.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance Accident Lawyer: Liability

In most states, there is a requirement for motorists to complete a mandatory safety inspection and maintenance check once a year. This responsibility includes replacing repairing anything which is broken, faulty, or worn out, as well as any component which has been recalled for being dangerous. Everything should be in good working order for the driver to be able to drive the vehicle safely without the risk of endangering themselves or other road users. If this requirement has been ignored, and an accident occurs as a direct result of the improper maintenance, then the vehicle owner and driver may be liable for paying you damages and compensation. It is crucial, then, that you simply do not take their word that they are not at fault and that there was nothing they could have done to prevent the accident from occurring. The chances are high that there is an issue with their vehicle of which they are aware but failed to resolve. You can prove liability if the following conditions are present:
  • The driver was aware of the maintenance issues, and that a car accident was a risk from failing to address these.
  • The driver failed to inspect and maintain the vehicle correctly to ensure their safety, and that of other road users.
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