No-Contact Accident Lawyer in Seattle, WA

When we think of a 'typical' car accident, the automatic assumption is that two or more vehicles have collided to cause damage and injury. In some cases, however, the vehicles involved never actually make contact with each other.

Also known as no-contact accidents, these can be just as dangerous and potentially fatal as other types of accidents and are often harder to claim for property damage and personal injury from your insurance company.

Who is at Fault?

There is a common misconception that if there is no contact between two vehicles during the crash, then this makes you responsible for any resulting financial loss and damages. This is quite simply not true; you are perfectly entitled to try and prove fault with the other party involved and seek help for medical bills and other expenses incurred. The tricky part here is proving that the other motorist was at fault and that they have breached the duty of care which is owed to both yourself and other drivers on the road. They must be proven to have failed to exercise reasonable care, or to have violated state traffic laws. You, on the other hand, must prove that your actions did not constitute carelessness or negligence— you must have played no part in causing the accident. If this is the case, you may be able to win compensation. If it is found that your actions did contribute to the accident, the usual course of action is to share liability with the other party, and split any damages with the at-fault driver—this usually keeps everyone happy and is a better choice than no payout at all.

No-Contact Accident Lawyer: Proving Fault

No-contact accidents are some of the hardest to prove fault in, especially if the other driver leaves or flees the scene of the crash, or if they refuse to admit that they were at fault. Your insurance company will most likely be extremely unhelpful and try every trick in the book to deny any personal injury claims—it is not in their best interests to pay out. The situation is made harder where there is no contact with the other driver, and you have to prove their liability somehow. In these situations, the best thing you can do is get in touch with one of our professional no-contact accident lawyers. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of these types of cases and can be instrumental in helping you to collect evidence to identify a motorist who may have fled the scene without speaking to you, and in proving fault and liability with the other party to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Getting the right outcome in these kinds of accidents is hard, but there is no reason you should not receive the compensation you deserve and are entitled. Our team will be your hand to hold throughout the process and can take over the reins to give expert advice and opinions, helping to ensure a fair outcome for victims. Give us a call today.