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Did an accident leave you overwhelmed and confused? The traumatic brain injury lawyers at Brain Injury Law in Seattle understand how you feel. Being in an accident can scramble things around, making it tough to think straight. 

In some cases, it may result in long-lasting damage in the form of TBI. Such cases are challenging to diagnose, as the effects pass unnoticed for days or weeks. However, their impact deepens over time, affecting your quality of life. 

Speaking to a traumatic brain injury attorney can ease confusion and clarify your next steps. 

Why Hire a Brain Injury Lawyer in Everett?

Are you aware of the long-term impact of damage to the brain? Do you know how much care you’ll need going forward or the overall effect on your life? A traumatic brain injury attorney does and can advise you on how to work out a fair settlement.

You can also be sure that the negligent party called their lawyer. You need a brain injury lawyer on your side to protect your interests.

How Do Brain Injuries Work?

Your brain injuries lawyer will agree the human brain is a wonderful structure. Despite our level of technological advancement, we still cannot replicate its functions completely. However, there is a downside to this masterpiece in that it’s very fragile.

Your TBI attorney will tell you that a bump in the wrong spot can lead to:

TBI or concussion: Resulting from a sharp blow or repeated blows to the head, a TBI can lead to cognitive impairment, headaches, and other symptoms.

Hemorrhage: Bleeding on the brain can be life-threatening, usually requires surgery to repair, and is a common issue with which brain injury lawyers deal.

Skull fracture: Skull fractures may expose the brain to bacteria and weaken the skull plate that protects the brain.

Anoxic Brain Injury: Damage here results from the death of brain cells due to a lack of oxygen.

Diffuse Axonal Injury: This results from damage to the nerve connecting the brain and the body.

Why It’s Essential to Have a Complete Workup

You may feel fine after a bump to the head. However, any brain injury lawyers will tell you that traumatic brain injury cases are seldom straightforward. You might be asymptomatic initially but feel worse as the damage progresses.

We recommend going to your doctor for a full workup, whether you feel fine or not. Your brain injury lawyer will advise you to seek urgent care if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Sensory issues like blurred vision, strange tastes, and tinnitus
  • Trouble balancing
  • Memory issues
  • Depression
  • New speech impediments
  • Irritability
  • Disorientation
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Weakness in the limbs
  • Lack of coordination
  • Seizures 
  • Numb digits
  • Dilated pupils
  • Aggression or agitation
  • Vomiting

 An early diagnosis gives you the best chance of a successful recovery and could save your life. Bleeding on the brain may not initially present any symptoms, but it could kill you if not dealt with timeously. 

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Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

As Everett’s preferred traumatic brain injury attorney team, we’ve seen these common causes of TBI:

  • Motorcycle, car, truck, and boat accidents: Automobile accidents can have devastating consequences. 
  • Medical malpractice: Deprivation of oxygen, the incorrect use of anesthesia, and slips while cutting can have tragic consequences
  • Accidents on construction and other work sites: Falls on a job site or having something heavy fall on you can cause significant damage. 
  • Injuries in the workplace: Working in an office environment also comes with hazards. An unsafe working environment puts everyone at risk of TBI.
  • Injuries resulting from physical violence: Unfortunately, a brain injury attorney typically sees too many of these.
  • Slip and fall accidents: Falling onto a hard surface can knock the head hard, causing significant harm. 

How Can a Brain Injury Attorney in Everett Help You Recover?

Time, proper care, and rest will help you recover. Your brain injury lawyers cannot provide medical assistance, but they can negotiate a settlement on your behalf. This allows you to focus on your recovery rather than worrying about soaring medical bills. 

Your traumatic brain injury lawyer understands the current and future costs you’ll face. They work all this into the calculation for compensation. Your TBI lawyer will work hard to gather evidence to present a strong case. 

Brain Injury Law of Seattle – Representing the Injured in Everett Area

When it comes to reaching a fair settlement for brain injuries, there are several aspects of brain injury law to consider. Consult the brain injury lawyers who train other attorneys to deal with these complex cases.

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"M.W. was riding his bicycle in a bike lane in Kent. He was a 24 year old elite cyclist in excellent shape. A driver of a truck in the lane next to him suddenly turned right and nicked M.W., making him fall off his bike. He was wearing his helmet. However, when he fell to the ground, his head struck the pavement along with his left shoulder. "


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