Slip and Fall Accident Attorney In Tacoma

Did you injure yourself due to someone else’s negligence but are unsure of the next step? Call your experienced Tacoma slip-and-fall lawyer to advise you of your rights and responsibilities after an accident. 

The Brain Injury Law of Seattle team can help you determine your next steps. We identify where the responsibility for the accident might lie, guide you through filing compensation claims, and defend against counterclaims.

Our experienced team members sort through the evidence to present a compelling case for compensation. We then negotiate on your behalf.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Tacoma

There are several possible causes of such incidents. If your slip-and-fall accident lawyer can prove negligence in any of the following cases, you may have a chance for compensation. 

Wet Floors and Walkways

Water might make paving or tiling slippery. In a commercial setting, the business must warn clients about wet flooring. If they do not, and you slip as a result, you might have a cause for action. 

Cluttered Aisles and Fallen Merchandise

Customers should not have to dodge obstacles in the aisles while shopping. Someone concentrating on their shopping might not see these items and trip. In such cases, the negligence typically lies with the store. 

Ditches and Potholes

Unsafe road conditions affect pedestrians as much as they do motorists. The municipality should keep public roads in good order for both parties. Private individuals also have a duty of care in making their streets passable if they invite others to use them. 

Slippery Flooring Materials

Waxing the floor creates a beautiful shine but also increases the chances of slipping. When done during busy shopping hours, it's negligent, and a slip-and-fall lawyer might be able to prove it.

Damaged Sidewalks

A broken or lifted sidewalk is a tripping hazard. The property owner should take steps to rectify the situation or face a suit from local slip-and-fall attorneys.

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What to Do After a Slip and Fall

slippery caution

  • Say as little as possible and never admit liability or apologize.
  • Get the contact information of the property owner and witnesses.
  • Take as many pictures as possible of the scene, your injuries, and your clothing.
  • Place the clothes into a box and set it aside for your slip-and-fall accident lawyer.
  • Visit the doctor to get a complete workup and the all-clear.
  • Speak to your Tacoma slip-and-fall lawyer before filing a claim or speaking to your insurer.

    Reasons to Contact a Slip-and-Fall Accident Lawyer

    In a perfect world, everyone would admit to their mistakes. However, property owners today are more likely to evade responsibility. In most cases, they do this to save money. 

    What might surprise you, however, is that your insurer might act in much the same manner. Your adjuster will look for reasons to decline your claim to save their employer money.

    Dealing with all of this while recovering can become overwhelming. Insurers or opposing counsel rely on the vulnerability this causes to try to convince you to accept low offers. However, an attorney will stand by your side, help defend your case, and fight for your compensation.

    Why Choose Brain Injury Law of Seattle?  

    There are several local slip-and-fall attorneys. Some have more experience than others, so it pays to research your options. 

    At Brain Injury Law of Seattle, you have access to a team of experienced local slip-and-fall accident attorneys, each a litigator. This is important because while many cases will settle out of court, there are some that you must take to the courts. 

    In such instances, you want a team with experience. The team at Brain Injury Law has 64 years of combined experience. 

    Founder Scott Blair focuses on traumatic brain injury cases and served as Chair for the most recent two traumatic brain injury seminars by the Washington State Association of Justice.

    With two ex-prosecutors and an enthusiastic legal team backing him up. Few other slip-and-fall accident attorneys in the state can boast the same credentials. 

    With experience in uncovering evidence, this team is well-equipped to help you establish what fair compensation is. Their passion for the law makes them formidable slip-and-fall injury attorneys in the courtroom and outside of it. 

    Contact Experienced Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers Today

    Are you struggling with the aftermath of a nasty fall? Was it due to someone else’s negligence? Are you unsure of how to proceed? 

    Consult Brain Injury Law of Seattle and let a Tacoma slip-and-fall lawyer evaluate your case. We’ll provide an honest appraisal of your chance and potential compensation. 

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      M.W., kent, wa

      "M.W. was riding his bicycle in a bike lane in Kent. He was a 24 year old elite cyclist in excellent shape. A driver of a truck in the lane next to him suddenly turned right and nicked M.W., making him fall off his bike. He was wearing his helmet. However, when he fell to the ground, his head struck the pavement along with his left shoulder. "


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