Bicycle Accident Attorney in Shoreline, WA

If you’re a victim looking for a Shoreline bicycle accident lawyer to represent your interests against insurance companies, government agencies, or negligent motorists, we can help you. Every bicycle accident attorney at the Brain Injury Law of Seattle has years of experience handling wrongful death, property damage, and personal injury cases.

According to the Shoreline Annual Traffic Report, cyclists account for a mere 5% of traffic accidents in Shoreline, but they make up most of the fatalities.

shoreline bicycle accident lawyer

Recover Compensation for Bicycle Accidents in Shoreline

Property Damage

A Shoreline bicycle injury lawyer can help you get compensation for bent wheels, damaged helmets, and scuffed watches from an accident.

Lost Wages

Cycling accidents are some of the most prevalent causes of lost wages for non-drivers. A bicycle accident attorney in Shoreline will advocate for your missed opportunities and lost wages at work.

Medical Bills

Research from the National Law Review reveals that the average medical cost of a bicycle accident is $52,495. A competent Shoreline bike accident lawyer could be the only measure standing between a hurting client and bankruptcy.

Permanent Disfigurement or Disability

A life-changing disability can put you out of work for good. Many patients suffer the effects of an accident for a lifetime. Call a Shoreline bicycle accident lawyer to help you navigate the legal system for a tragic loss.

Common Parties with Legal Liability for Bicycle Accidents in Shoreline

      • Unlike bikers who devote 100% of their focus to the road, car drivers are often distracted by electronics.
      • Commercial or government vehicle operators can be intimidating to confront as they are often part of well-funded organizations. A Shoreline bicycle accident lawyer can help you file a claim against these individuals’ negligent actions.
      • Government road agencies and subcontractors can make defective ramps and roads that develop potholes within months of laying new asphalt.
      • Bicycle equipment manufacturers can make unreliable parts that could break while you are riding.

How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents in Shoreline

Situational awareness is the number-one lifesaver for cyclists in urban environments. Many bicycle accidents originate from motorists opening their vehicle doors without looking for oncoming cyclists. While these events are avoidable, they often occur when a high volume of vehicles and pedestrians are on the road.

Motorists driving too close to bike lanes, sidewalks, and street shoulders while speeding also causes accidents. Wear reflective vests and invest in rear and front lights when going out at night. Never ride your bicycle without a helmet, as traumatic brain injuries can last a lifetime. Contact a traumatic brain injury attorney today!

How Serious Are Bicycle Collisions in Shoreline?

Shoreline and many other cities in Washington often end up in the top-ten lists of nonprofit organizations for the safest cities in America for cyclists. The League of American Bicyclists recognizes the entire state as a haven for people who do not want to use a car or a motorcycle to drive to work. Shoreline incorporates cyclist safety in its city planning with a Complete Streets policy and Share the Road Campaign.

Still, cycling accidents occur monthly, resulting in broken bones, skin lacerations, damage to internal organs, and traumatic brain injuries. Deaths are rare in the accident case statistics for Shoreline, but they are well within the realm of possibility for every cycling accident.

Long-term damage, such as personality changes, depression, and other mental disorders, can present years after an accident. A shoreline bicycle accident lawyer can help clients file a compensation claim for these injuries.


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If you are looking for a law firm that serves clients first, you’ve found the right place. Our legal team at the Brain Injury Law of Seattle proficiently handles a wide range of property damage and personal injury claims from bicycle accidents.

We help our clients focus on recovery instead of taking on insurance adjusters and HMO companies during a difficult time. Physical pain and mental anguish can last for years after an accident. Our lawyers make every effort that insurance assessments are accurate and you receive fair compensation.

Finding the Best Bicycle Attorney in Shoreline

Finding a skilled Shoreline bicycle accident lawyer can be challenging as many startup practices compete for a small market share. Our legal team at the Brain Injury Law of Seattle has decades of experience fighting for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists who have endured negligence from various parties, including their workplaces and city governments.

Every Shoreline bicycle accident attorney from our firm has proven trial, prosecutor, and litigation experience, which our clients appreciate.

To connect with an experienced Shoreline bicycle accident lawyer, call our team at (425) 274-3457 for a free consultation.


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