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Picture this scene: you leave your house ready for the morning commute and climb into your car. Perhaps you pull over for coffee, as you do every morning with half your mind already focused on the day ahead. Everything is exactly the same as every other day until suddenly, you find yourself at the center of a car accident.

Sadly, this is a prospect which seems increasingly common, and it is best to be prepared. Chances are, you would be totally lost in that situation, with no idea as to the best next steps. Why not get one step ahead by preparing your legal team ahead of time and finding yourself a reliable and trusted Chelan car accident attorney— you can never be too prepared.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Chelan?

Chelan Car Accident Attorney

It is a common misconception that if you drive carefully and responsibly, follow the rules of the road, and obey the law in every way, that you will not be involved in a car accident. As nice as this would be, this is sadly not the case. In 2017, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) reported a total of 120,993 car accidents for the year. Of those,1900 were collisions that resulted in serious injury, and 525 were fatalities. It is safe to assume that at least some of these involved drivers who otherwise considered themselves careful and responsible— despite this, they ended up involved in an incident.

With so many people crammed into the Chelan area, the amount of accidents is perhaps an inevitability, especially during rush hour. At this time of day, commuters are dashing from A to B with the single-minded determination of one who simply wants to be at home as fast as possible. Heavy traffic, sleepy drivers, and the distractions of everyday life mean that there is an increasing risk of being involved in an accident, as thousands of residents are discovering to their detriment.

Many of us have necessary services on speed-dial such as an auto mechanic, a babysitter, and even your favorite pizza place, but have you ever considered what you would do if you were involved in a car accident? With the inevitability rising, now is an excellent time to think and plan ahead, getting a reliable attorney added to your list.

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Do I Need a Chelan Car Accident Attorney?

A car accident attorneys is an essential tool for anyone who finds themselves caught up in an accident. They have the skills to deal with the enormous amounts of paperwork, multiple claims, and a dizzying array of parties who tend to be involved in these sorts of cases. Representing yourself is not advised when it comes to auto accidents—the cases can get complicated very quickly, and you may end up missing out on compensation or damages which you are legitimately entitled. Before you need our services, add our number to your list of essential contacts to whip out in the event of an emergency.

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