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Looking for a reputable Tacoma pedestrian accident attorney? Brain Injury Law of Seattle proudly serves the Tacoma community. Our experienced lawyers fight for the rights of clients injured by speeding cars and impaired drivers. 

For over 25 years, the Brain Injury Law of Seattle has helped clients receive fair compensation from guilty parties and insurance companies. We understand the ins and outs of the insurance industry and provide expert advice for clients frustrated by insurance outfits reluctant to pay. If you or a loved one has experienced pain and suffering due to a pedestrian accident, contact a Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyer at the law office of Brain Injury Law of Seattle today. 

Pedestrian Accidents in Tacoma: Common Causes

Walking to work saves money and protects the environment from harmful emissions. However, pedestrians walking along busy roads remain exposed to speeding vehicles and drowsy drivers.

The most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Tacoma include the following:

  • Cars traveling at unsafe speeds
  • Impaired drivers
  • Cars failing to stop at red lights and crosswalks
  • Distracted drivers texting, applying makeup, or tending to pets

Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyers strive to protect the rights of pedestrians injured in accidents. To avoid deadly pedestrian accidents while walking, always wear brightly colored clothes and avoid walking near busy roads during inclement weather. Refrain from texting while walking and walk against traffic if sidewalks remain inaccessible.

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Injuries Caused by Pedestrian Accidents

As Tacoma pedestrian accident attorneys, Brain Injury Law of Seattle sees firsthand the consequences of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians possess virtually no protection against oncoming vehicles.

The most common injuries caused by pedestrian accidents include the following:

  • Bone fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal bleeding and bruising
  • Concussions
  • Torn ligaments

Tacoma pedestrian accident law firms recommend pedestrians carry flashlights when walking at night and always use the designated crosswalks when crossing the road. Speak with town representatives about installing additional lighting along roads to increase the visibility of pedestrians. In the United States, pedestrian accidents accounted for over 7,000 deaths in 2020, a stunning figure illustrating the dangers of these accidents.

Essential Tips How To Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Tacoma pedestrian injury lawyers provide guidelines to keep pedestrians safe from erratic drivers. For example, many sidewalks lay adjacent to driveways. When walking on sidewalks, always pay attention to cars turning into or exiting from driveways.

When crossing busy interactions, try to make eye contact with drivers stopped at red lights and stop signs before crossing the street. A slight wave to drivers signals your road crossing and protects both parties from causing pedestrian accidents. Consider purchasing reflectors for your clothing if you prefer to walk at night.

Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyers work tirelessly to help clients deal with pedestrian accidents' emotional and physical damage. Reach out to the experts at Brain Injury Law of Seattle today for high-quality legal representation.

How Frequent Are Pedestrian Accidents in Tacoma?

Tacoma pedestrian injury attorneys handle pedestrian accidents every year. Unfortunately, the pedestrian death toll doubled in Seattle between 2016 and 2017 despite growing concern for pedestrian safety. Busy Highway 99 accounts for over 43% of fatalities in King County, Washington.

Many factors contribute to the rise in pedestrian accidents, including:

  • Larger multi-lane highways
  • Lack of proper lighting along roads
  • Increased size of vehicles
  • Missing sidewalks
  • Incomplete bike lanes

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Pedestrian Accidents in Tacoma: How Dangerous Are They?

Vehicles moving at high speeds pose serious safety concerns for pedestrians. Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyers frequently assist clients struck by cars driven by distracted, intoxicated, and tired drivers. Unfortunately, many pedestrian accidents result in severe injury or even death.

Keep yourself and your family safe from pedestrian accidents by avoiding dangerous walking areas like Highway 99, and always bring a cell phone with you on walks in case of emergency. Many pedestrian accidents require the assistance of medical professionals, as prompt treatment of injuries prevents further complications and fatalities.

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M.W., kent, wa

"M.W. was riding his bicycle in a bike lane in Kent. He was a 24 year old elite cyclist in excellent shape. A driver of a truck in the lane next to him suddenly turned right and nicked M.W., making him fall off his bike. He was wearing his helmet. However, when he fell to the ground, his head struck the pavement along with his left shoulder. "