Frequently Asked Questions for Construction Accidents

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Frequently Asked Questions Construction Accident


Many jobs are dangerous, but construction is one profession exposed to many hazards. Construction professionals experience some of the worst on-the-job injuries and highest death rates in any industry. In fact, in 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that one in five on-the-job fatalities occurred on construction jobs.

Despite their danger, construction jobs afford workers a comfortable living in Washington. Therefore, if you’re considering entering the profession or already working in construction, review these frequently asked questions for construction accidents.

An on-the-job construction accident may give you a reason to pursue compensation or legal action. Understanding what steps to take after these accidents are essential. Read these construction accident FAQs and contact our personal injury attorneys at Brain Injury Law of Seattle for legal counsel.


Frequently Asked Questions for Construction Accidents

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Site Accidents

These frequently asked questions for construction accidents can help you understand what action to take if you experience an incident.


Who Can I Sue if I Am Injured at a Construction Site?

One of the most common construction accidents FAQs people ask is who to sue. Contrary to popular belief, there are better ways to get money from a construction site accident than suing your employer. This is because the Workers’ Compensation Act protects employers from lawsuits due to on-the-job injuries.

Your best option is to sue third parties who directly or indirectly contributed to the accident. These third parties can include individuals, insurance companies, manufacturers, and suppliers. Depending on the circumstances of your case, legal professionals can advise you where to take legal action.


What Are the Main Causes of Accidents in Construction?

Construction sites are dangerous places where various hazards can threaten a worker’s well-being. From heavy machinery to unsafe electrical components, remaining aware of these causes can help avoid accidents. Additionally, identifying the cause of your accident can help identify negligent parties.

The common causes of construction accidents include:

  • Inadequate safety training
  • Loosely enforced safety regulations
  • Malfunctions with machinery, vehicles, and equipment
  • Unstable structures
  • Exposed electrical wires and lines
  • Presence of dangerous chemicals


How Can You Prevent Construction Accidents?

Preventing construction accidents requires rigorous daily safety practices and policies implemented by the construction company. Maintaining safe working conditions, clear policies, and enforcement for violators is essential for construction companies. However, remaining aware of construction hazards can help you avoid an accident.


How Often Do Accidents Occur in Construction?

Construction accidents occur frequently compared to other industries. As one of the most dangerous fields historically, accidents are not uncommon on construction job sites.


Frequently Asked Questions for Construction Accidents


What Is the Most Common Accident in Construction?

Industry professionals refer to the most common accidents in construction as the “fatal four.” These accidents frequently injure and even kill many workers in construction.

The “fatal four” include:

  • Falls, especially from higher elevations
  • Collision with a falling, moving, or swinging object
  • Getting caught under heavy machinery or structures
  • Electrocutions


Do I Need To Hire an Attorney After a Construction Accident?

While it’s not a requirement, hiring an attorney after a construction accident can strengthen your case significantly. Not only do legal professionals offer experience with these cases to help inform your legal battle, but they can also legitimize your compensation pursuit. Call an attorney as quickly as possible after an accident.


Can You Sue for Injuries Sustained While Walking Past a Construction Site?

Yes, you can potentially take legal action if you sustain an injury while walking past a construction site. However, rather than a construction accident injury case, you could pursue a negligence case. Legal professionals can help review the accident to determine whether negligence was the cause and justifies a compensation case.


Who Pays for the Costs of a Construction Accident Injury?

Legal professionals can help you fight for the necessary worker’s compensation to pay for your construction injuries. Worker’s compensation should be sufficient to cover medical expenses, long-term care, and lost wages. However, hiring a lawyer can help you construct a stronger claim.



It’s always wise to find legal counsel after a construction accident. Legal professionals can help you review the accident and construct a strong case to pursue compensation and damages. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our lawyers from Brain Injury Law of Seattle after your accident.

For more information about frequently asked questions for construction accidents, call to schedule a consultation with legal professionals from Brain Injury Law of Seattle today!

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