Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accident Fatalities

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Motorcyclists comprise only 3% of the registered vehicles on roads in the United States, but motorcycle crashes account for over 13% of all fatal automobile accidents. A nimble, fast-moving motorcycle helps riders reach destinations and save money on fuel costs, however; motorcycle riders remain exposed to countless dangers. Impaired drivers unaware of nearby motorcyclists can cause fatal motorcycle crashes.

By learning more about the safety risks of driving motorcycles in Seattle, a motorcycle accident remains avoidable. Every state writes its own laws regarding motorcycle usage, so always consult your municipality for specific information regarding motorcycle laws and safety information. Understanding the dos and don’ts of motorcycle riding can prevent motorcycle fatality in Washington State.

This explainer will give you more information about which factors lead to more motorcycle crashes than the others in Seattle. Armed with these helpful statistics, motorcycle riders can enjoy the open road safely. Avoid the severe consequences of motorcycle accidents by learning, “how do many motorcycle crashes happen?”


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Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Over 5,000 motorcycle accident deaths occurred in 2020, a striking statistic underscoring the importance of motorcycle safety. Injuries from motorcycle accidents often lead to costly medical bills, surgeries, and traumatic emotional experiences. Continue reading to learn the answer to the question, “what is the primary cause of motorcycle crashes?”


Impaired Driving

Drinking or using drugs while operating cars and motorcycles inevitably leads to disaster. Slow response time, poor decision-making skills, and reckless driving put motorcycle riders in harm’s way. Intoxicated drivers lack the sensory functions necessary to keep other drivers on the road safe.


Opening Doors

Motorcycles moving between cars on the road risk running into opening doors. Small motorcycles prove challenging to see in blind spots and behind vehicles, especially when motorcycle drivers move at fast speeds. Opening car doors on the traffic side of roads can surprise unsuspecting motorcyclists and cause harmful motorcycle accident injuries.


Lane Splitting

Refer to your state’s laws for additional information regarding the legality of lane splitting. In Washington State, lane splitting remains prohibited under RCW 46.61. 608(3), which clearly states, “No person shall operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles.” Fast-moving motorcycles driving between lanes of traffic can hit cars changing lanes, passing, or making left turns.


Inclement Weather Conditions

Injuries from motorcycle accidents occur more frequently during snowstorms, rainfall, hail, and blustery windy days. Excessive moisture on highways and roads reduces the traction of motorcycle tires and can lead to a fatal motorcycle crash. Always double-check the day’s weather conditions before taking your motorcycle out on public roads.


Lack of Motorcycle Riding Experience

New motorcyclists lacking adequate driving experience can quickly cause deaths from motorcycle accidents. The Washington State Department of Licensing outlines the requirements, regulations, and necessary training for new motorcycle riders. Auburn, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Maryville, Renton, and Seattle, WA, all host practical motorcycle training classes for new riders.


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Severe Injuries in Motorcycle Collisions


Concussions and Brain Injuries

Never drive a motorcycle without a helmet. Washington State law requires motorcyclists of all ages to wear helmets while driving. Brain bleeding, spinal cord injuries, traumatic skull fractures, and concussions may occur when hitting the ground at breakneck speeds.


Broken Bones and Fractures

Broken legs, arms, spines, backs, and necks may occur during motorcycle accidents. Ligaments and tendons between bones can snap and tear when struck during automobile accidents. Even though broken bones remain the least-deadly consequence of motorcycle accidents, riders should always utilize safe-driving practices while riding motorcycles in Seattle.


Steps To Take if You’ve Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Contact a top-rated motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle if you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident. Highly trained attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you recover from traumatic injuries, reach equitable settlements, and restore your quality of life. Many personal injury lawyers don’t accept fees or payment unless you win your case.


Defending Your Rights After a Motorcycle Collision

Personal injury lawyers in Seattle protect the rights of individuals harmed in motorcycle collisions. Attorneys can help determine culpable parties, tort, and negligence and build substantial burdens of proof for you. Speak to Seattle’s premier legal experts for assistance protecting your rights after a motorcycle collision.

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