Things You Need to Know in a Tire Blowout Accident

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Things Need to Know in a Tire Blowout Accident | BIL

What Is a Tire Blowout Accident?

Unfortunately, tire blowouts are common causes of automobile accidents. What is a blowout? A tire blowout occurs when a tire deflates or falls apart without warning while on the road. This sudden damage can quickly lead to car accidents, damage, and potential injuries.

Tire blowouts are common problems for commercial trucks. When the tire blows, the driver loses control of the vehicle, leading to an accident.

Common Causes of a Tire Blowout Accident

What causes a tire blowout? Several potential factors could lead to a tire blowout accident.

Impact Damage

Impact with debris on the road can quickly puncture or tear a tire. However, sometimes, drivers can drive a few miles before the tire blows out.

Worn-Out Tires

Over time, your vehicle is subject to overall wear and tear. Old, worn-out tires are significantly less durable and more likely to experience damage. Old rubber on tires cannot expand and contract with temperature changes, increasing the risk of a blowout.

Small Punctures

Small punctures in a tire gradually release air and damage a tire rather than creating an immediate blowout. Whether caused by nails or rocks, small holes in the tire can affect how it handles pressure while driving. These small punctures can quickly lead to a truck tire blowout accident when a vehicle operates at higher speeds.


Unfortunately, the conditions of the road can impact your driving. When your tire hits a pothole, the sudden impact causes your tire to expand or contract quickly, leading to a blowout.


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What Does an Insurance Company Cover in a Car Tire Blowout Accident?

One of the primary things you need to know when a tire blowout causes an accident is what the insurance company will cover.

  • Towing services: Generally, an auto insurance policy will pay for the cost of towing your vehicle following an accident. Towing your vehicle is the safest way to remove it from the road and minimize damage after an accident.
  • Injuries to other parties: When a tire blowout causes an accident, it can often lead to injury. Most automobile insurance policies will cover the medical costs of the other involved parties should the accident be your fault. In Washington, this includes a minimum coverage of $25,000 for a single individual and $50,000 for multiple parties.
  • Damage to your vehicle: Should your policy include comprehensive coverage, the insurance company may cover the costs of repairs for your vehicle. However, it will not pay for tire replacements.
  • Damage to other parties’ vehicles: If a truck tire blowout accident causes damage to the other party’s vehicle, insurance companies will usually provide a minimum of $10,000 worth of coverage.

Decreasing Your Risk of a Tire Blowout

What is a blow out? One of the most important things you need to know about tire blowouts is how to prevent them. Although accidents are not always avoidable, there are several ways drivers can reduce the risk of a tire blowout accident.

  1. Replace tires when needed. New tires are strong, durable, and less likely to break apart on the road. When the time comes to replace your tires, it is essential to do so as soon as possible.
  2. Follow the rules of the road. Speed limits, construction signs, and other road rules are there to protect drivers. Pay close attention to these rules when driving to reduce the risk of tire blowouts and other accidents.
  3. Pay attention to the road around you. Always looking out for potential road hazards can help you better avoid them while driving.
  4. Keep your tires properly inflated. Maintaining adequate tire pressure is vital. Refer to your owner’s manual to verify the specific pressure your tires require.
  5. Get a good idea of what weight your vehicle can handle. Your owner’s manual will provide specific weight limits for your vehicle that can impact the durability of your tires.

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