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Working on or near boats and ships can be exceedingly dangerous, and injuries happen with alarming frequency. Employing Everett maritime injury lawyers when harmed at sea gives you a greater opportunity to receive compensation if entitled.

Hazardous conditions, dangerous equipment, and unseaworthy vessels can seriously injure or kill the crew working on the ship. Everett, Washington, has one of the largest ports on the west coast and creates many jobs. Because it's an extensive part of the local economy, Brain Injury Law in Seattle strives to offer maritime legal counsel to all who need it.

Brain Injury Law of Seattle Provides Maritime Injury Representation In Everett

If you work on or near boats and ships and experience an injury, you should speak with an Everett maritime injury lawyer. Most commonly, a worker files a claim if the injury is the result of negligence from an employer or coworker.

An employer is responsible for ensuring the safety of their crew, including the following:

  • The seaworthiness of a vessel
  • All safety precautions
  • All cargo is securely tied to maintain proper weight within a vessel

If an employer ignores or disregards any of the above, you should get the help of a qualified Everett maritime accident lawyer.

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Understanding Your Maritime Rights In Everett

Maritime law can be challenging to comprehend. The laws differ depending on the following:

  • Whether or not you experience an injury while working
  • If your accident took place on a recreational vehicle
  • If you were a passenger

No matter how you receive an injury, understanding your rights to potential compensation can mitigate financial hardships.

Injured people have varying rights dictating the compensation available in case of an accident. The following breaks them down into three distinct categories: passengers or recreational boaters, longshoremen, and seamen.

Passengers and Recreational Boaters

Paying passengers and non paying passengers in recreational boating expect a reasonable duty of care from the owner of the ships involved. Contact an Everett maritime injury attorney if you receive an injury while doing any of the following:

  • Sailing on a friend's vessel
  • On a cruise ship
  • Out on a professional ship

In these cases, you may be able to seek compensation from the boat owner or another at-fault party. Our Everett maritime accident lawyers can help you understand your rights.


Longshoremen are the men and women who work onshore and alongside boats and ships. They ensure that the harbor runs smoothly. You cannot simultaneously be a longshoreman and a seaman, though the differences are murky.

Longshoremen work in hazardous conditions and deal with extensive mechanical tools that may cause harm. We've listed some common longshoremen professionals in the following:

  • Harbor masters
  • Shipwrights
  • Ship repairmen
  • Construction workers

Under the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, these workers have protections for injuries they experience.

If you are unsure of which laws protect you, contact our Everett maritime injury lawyers, and we will help you understand your rights.


Snohomish County is home to hundreds of seamen who willingly put their lives at risk for this critical job. Seamen have rights under the following:

  • Jones Act: This can allow you to hold an employer accountable for negligence causing an injury
  • The Doctrine of Unseaworthiness: This can allow you to hold the shipowner liable for injuries due to an unseaworthy condition of a ship
  • The Doctrine of Maintenance and Cure: Can provide medical treatment costs for workers who become injured or ill onboard

Ensure financial and physical safety by contacting a maritime injury lawyer. A thorough investigation into the case can offer you help and peace of mind during this challenging time.

Finding A Maritime Injury Attorney In Everett

Maritime laws protect those who work near or on the sea and are complex and challenging to understand without help. The men and women who brave the ocean deserve legal support when things go awry.

Brain Injury Law of Seattle ensures dedicated counsel when you are in need. The moment you get injured and after seeing a medical professional, contact our firm to help you navigate the murky world of maritime law.

Injuries to seamen and longshoremen are often extensive, adding up to a substantial amount. If you believe you should receive compensation, you should immediately go. Contact our professionals directly, and together we will work toward justice.

If dangerous working conditions injure you or a loved one, contact Brain Injury Law of Seattle and request help from our Everett, WA, maritime injury lawyers.

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